Country legend Willie Nelson gets serious about weed

By now, most music fans are highly aware (pardon the phrase) of Willie Nelson’s affinity for marijuana.  But a new piece in GQ explores the octogenarian’s lifelong love affair with weed.

The country legend discusses his legendary pot use in detail in the magazine’s September issue – including his plan to get into the medical marijuana business.

“I’ve bought a lot of pot in my life,” the Texas native says. “Now I’m selling it back.”

Nelson, who splits his time between Austin and Maui, Hawaii, is launching his own proprietary brand, appropriately named “Willie’s Reserve.”

In the article, Nelson also discusses an Amsterdam “smoke-off” with fellow weed enthusiast, Snoop Dogg. According to the rapper, they used a joint, a vape pen and a pipe, rotating them all simultaneously.

“Ah, yes,” Nelson admits. “As stupid as it sounds, it’s probably true. We had a lot of fun.”

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